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holds the anchor rig high

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1, mainly used in railway, highway, hydropower station high slope support engineering and urban deep foundation pit support, anti-floating anchor works.
2, the engine is the world's leading high-adaptability three-stage turbocharged engine, high-end hydraulic configuration, low working pressure, low pressure loss, faster speed, lower fuel consumption, flexible control. The high matching of power system and hydraulic system ensures high drilling efficiency.

3, the central rotary disc brake with hydraulic brake, effectively prevent the drilling arm deflection when the hole,
4, the propulsion adopts the form of hydraulic cylinder, the propulsion force and pulling force are strong, stable and reliable. High drilling rate or high torque power head can be selected according to the working condition to achieve the desired drilling efficiency; Large aperture up to 200mm, suitable for a variety of complex rock conditions.

5. The 90-degree deflection device enables the drilling arm to do 90-degree rotating side hitting, which is no longer limited by the narrow working surface of the platform and has better working condition adaptability.
6, drill frame installation HD video head; Cab configuration Angle instrument: accurate construction of industrial and mining Angle; Meter meter: No need to estimate the drilling depth.

7, with 12 cubic air compressor, large air discharge, fast drilling speed,

8, install water wet dust removal, effectively solve the environmental protection needs in construction, green environmental protection.
9, the use of international brands of four wheels, 30 tons walking motor, 216 chain rail is durable, easy to walk.
10, the four-level telescopic arm is made of high-strength steel, strong and powerful, with a maximum height of 18 meters and a one-time hole of 10 meters, replacing the traditional cumbersome process of building shelves, greatly saving labor costs, greatly improving drilling efficiency, and becoming the main product of the slope anchoring project.
holds the anchor rig high
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