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hammer hydraulic drilling rig

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1, is the current domestic advanced and practical integrated hydraulic drilling rig. Professional testing, lean manufacturing, energy efficient.
2, meet the drilling needs of iron ore, granite, basalt, limestone and other hard rocks, can be widely used in roads, railways, industrial parks, urban construction and other construction fields of earth and rock engineering mining blasting drilling operations (except special blasting drilling operations expressly stipulated by the state).
3, completely replace the artificial blasting drilling operation, easy site management, safe and reliable construction, is a strong guarantee to improve the progress of the project.
4, heating and air conditioning, comfortable operation. The open space layout allows easy routine inspection, repair and maintenance.
5, the platform 360 degree rotation, the international first-class brand hydraulic motor and four-wheel belt, durable and high stability, the whole machine mobile flexibility, wide range of operation, cross-country through strong, can meet the needs of high strength, frequent movement.
6, optimize the boom and deflection components to adapt to the needs of complex ground vertical holes. Real-time monitoring of working pressure, can adjust the relevant parameters to adapt to different rock conditions to achieve the best drilling effect.
7, hydraulic lifting middle rod guard effectively prevent drilling rod bending, improve the straightness of the hole. The hydraulic clamping device is more reliable, enabling accurate positioning and clamping rods for improved stability during operation.
8, automatic rod change mechanism is simple to operate, reliable work, the first drill rod up to 3.66 meters, 5+1 rod can achieve 20 meters, flexible corresponding to different drilling depth needs.
9, equipped with dry dust suction device to meet specific requirements.
hammer hydraulic drilling rig
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